Mac on the Issues


Mac believes supporting our public schools and higher education is a top priority for our future. We need to ensure that all children in Charles County attend quality public schools, have the opportunity to go to college, and are able to learn in a safe environment.

School Construction and Renovation

Working with the County Commissioners, delegates and school board, Mac helped win approval of every request made for state funds for Charles County school construction including 2 new high schools!  Over the years, Mac fought for approval of over $150 million in State funds for school projects.

Higher Education

Over the years Mac has helped fund improvements to our University of Maryland system and our community colleges.  He supported the prevention of college tuition increases for the third year in a row. In 2018, Mac sponsored and fully supported free community college tuition for qualifying students.

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Community Projects

Over the last 24 years as Chair of Senate Finance Committee, Previous Chair of Capital Budget and former member of Senate Budget and Taxation Committee, Mac has secured millions of dollars for community projects such as Bel Alton Alumni School, Friends of Waldorf School, Camp Merrick, Black Box Theatre, Hospice House, Maryland State Veterans Museum in Newburg, Pomonkey High School, and many many more.

Developmental Disabilities Community

Those who provide care for the developmentally disabled have long been underpaid. A stressful job, many of these well-meaning people could not survive on what amounted to less than minimum wage.  Mac provided a voice for this community in Annapolis, winning approval of legislation to increase their wages, and continues to advocate for the disabilities community on a daily basis so they have a strong representation at the State level.

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Fighting for Working Families

Mac knows that working families and the middle class are the backbone of Charles County’s economy. He has worked tirelessly to close the income disparity and raise the middle class by fighting for an increase in the minimum wage, stronger K-12 funding, and the ability of all working families to form a union. As the Chair of the Senate Finance Committee, Mac put families first by leading the fight to pass paid sick leave, require equal pay for women, and make child care more affordable

Economic Development

Supporting Charles County’s business community will help the entire community by providing good job opportunities within the county for our residents, increasing our tax base to increase revenues for schools and other investments.  Mac has supported tax cuts, improved transportation infrastructure, and an educational system that provides a well-prepared workforce.


Mac has fought for Charles County’s fair share of transportation funding to improve our road system and provide transit choices. He has worked tirelessly for years to get the funding and measures in place for the construction of a new Harry Nice Bridge which will be complete by 2023, Light rail and upgrades to 301 interchanges at 228/5 and Mattawoman Beantown/Route 5 with $13 million recently secured during the 2018 session for the Western Bypass.

Public Safety

Mac fights for safe Charles County communities and for our police, deputies, and fire and rescue volunteers. Mac has led the effort to provide our hometown heroes tax relief and championed efforts to lower healthcare costs.

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Environmental and Rural Preservation

Mac supports common-sense efforts to protect the Chesapeake Bay, preserve the rural character of Southern Maryland, safequard our natural resources and expand the use of clean renewable energy.

Rebuilding La Plata and Indian Head

15 years ago after the devastating tornado, Mac worked with community leaders to create a visionary town center in LaPlata with thriving businesses. Mac is now committed to working with the Town of Indian Head, Charles County Commissioners, and the Naval Ordnance Base to revitalize Indian Head. He secured initial funding for the Velocity Center, which will serve as economic stimulus inside the Base and within the Indian Head community. He also secured funding to demolish the Old Ely Building so construction can begin as soon as possible on the project. One of Mac’s top priorities is rebuilding businesses and the quality of life within our western community.


Mac believes we need to address health care for the young and old. We need to understand and stabilize high prescription drug costs.  The Federal government is not living up to its responsibility to provide prescription drugs for Medicare recipients. Mac also helped protect the Maryland Health Care Exchange from Federal dismantling to ensure that over 150,000 Marylanders remain insured through the Affordable Care Act.

Veterans and Senior Citizens

Mac continues to support the sponsorship of wraparound services for our Veterans and military retirees in regards to reducing tax liability, providing job assistance, affordable health care, and reducing homelessness. Mac also continues to combat prescription drug price gouging so they are more affordable for our seniors, and works to reduce tax liability for our seniors as well.